MyUpSite – A New Way to Keep Your Site Updated

There are generally two approaches to selling you a website. The first approach is to wow you with graphics and animation. This approach hopes that you will be so impressed by the shiny objects that you will forget about substance and buy high-cost design or animation. The second approach is to give you all the technical details and overwhelm you with the functional aspects of the site. This approach hopes that you will be so impressed by the developer’s technical prowess that you will believe everything they say, even the dumb stuff. The former is usually and advertising agency and the latter is usually a IT firm. We are neither, and we take a completely different approach to website design.

Our philosophy for website design is to build you a site that allows you to update it yourself quickly and easily. Let that sink in a bit … a website that you can update yourself without going back to the nerds. That way you can put up the content you want without having to take a community college course on programming. Honestly, you will no longer need your nephew Larry (sorry, I meant Lawrence) to come over and update your site. Our system is so simple, you can have Terri at the front desk update it for you in between answering calls and entering in account information. Or your sales manager Al can put up all the specs for your new line on Monday before the company meeting. Really, it’s that simple.

We know what you are going through, having a site that is difficult, expensive or downright impossible to update. Let us get you on a platform where you can have the site you want and change it when you want. Don’t be persuaded by glitzy pictures and technical mumbo-jumbo, get a site that is easy to update and in the long run you will have a website that is the best fit for your company.

Pittsburgh Website Design

We know that choosing the right Pittsburgh website design company is a daunting task. We have been working in the Pittsburgh region for over six years developing sites for local and regional firms. We recognize how hard it is to understand this technology and choose the correct partner. Therefore we’ve created this simple checklist of things that separates us from the competition:

  • We can guarantee with minimal effort you will never have an outdated website again.
  • With our service you will never pay for updates again.
  • Rest assured you will never wait weeks for the nerds to update your site.
  • You will keep control of your website and never again be held hostage by your development company.

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